System Builders

In order for the subsystems and components used in systems and platforms to be developed and produced locally and nationally;

  • Development of talent for design and production,
  • Creating production groups, consortia by organizing the existing capabilities of companies,
  • To direct, organize, implement and evaluate efforts,
  • Spatial, temporal, logical relations are cause and effect; Analyzing the analysis within the framework of the analysis and carrying out studies to carry it into production


The main topics of the subsystems to be produced are;


  • Imported subsystems of systems and platforms whose design has been completed and which have been put into serial production,
  • It is needed during the maintenance of foreign origin systems and platforms in use in the inventory; heard subsystems and components
  • There will be newly designed systems and platforms and thus demand will be generated for FIELD members.

All kinds of subsystems used in land, air and sea platforms; production is within the scope of the committee.