Danforth Engineering provides environmental testing services to the defense, aviation, automotive industry sectors.

In addition to environmental testing services, it contributes to the product development and R&D studies of companies and brings benefits to the sector with its working principles.
Taking a role in localization and nationalization projects and providing benefits to companies' quality deficits are among the main working purposes of the company.
It provides support and responsibility to companies in important projects within the rules of confidentiality.    
 Tests carried out within our company; 
-High temperature test
-Low temperature test-Humidity test
-Dust-Sand test
-Salt Mist Corrosion test
-Adjusted current source test is listed as

Standart: MIL-STD-810G , ASTM B 117, DO-160G , TS EN ISO 9227 and similar enviromental testing standarts.

High Temperature Test

Low Temperature Test

Humidity Test -Dust

Sand Test

Salt Mist Corrosion Test

Current Source (500A) Test

Only our member companies can benefit.

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