Aldemir Plastik Kalıp ve Makina San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.

Aldemir Ltd. serves its customers in all processes from prototype product design to final production and continues its activities in the fields of machining, plastic injection molds, sheet metal processing molds, aluminum injection molds and plastic injection printing.

With our years of experience and our expert team, we design and manufacture all kinds of plastic injection, sheet metal processing and metal injection molds, and customer demands are fully met with the awareness that mold quality is the most important factor in part production.

Our company, which has made customer-oriented work a principle, supports your projects from the design process to the production process.

Aldemir Ltd., as a solution partner in the fields of machining, plastic and aluminum injection molds, sheet metal processing molds, plastic injection printing, provides a wide range of services from part/product/system design to prototype production, from material selection to cost analysis, from quality control processes to mass production support. operates.​

Talaşlı İmalat (Machining)

Mekanik Tasarım (Mechanical Designs)

Küçük Silahlar (Small Arms)

Makineli Tabancalı Veya Makine Parçaları,30 Mm. Ve Aşağıda (Machine Guns or Machine Gun Parts, 30 mm. and Below)

Tüfekler Veya Tüfek Parçaları, 30 Mm. Ve Aşağıda (Rifles or Rifle Parts, 30 mm. and Below)

Plastic Injection Molds

Sheet Metal working Molds

Plastic Injection Printing

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