YKSN Denizcilik Enerji Savunma San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Since 2017, with the MIL-POD brand it has created, it has been intensively engaged in activities in the movements of amphibious land vehicles in water, simulation and analysis for resistance / power calculations, and the design and production of water propulsion systems of these vehicles. It has a competent team in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), licensed software and hardware infrastructure.

The company, which includes all advanced water propulsion system solutions such as pod propeller, linear and mixed flow water jet systems, and pump jet, from nozzle and non-nozzle types, in its product range, chooses the most suitable propulsion system after extensive analysis and optimization processes for each vehicle, and then develops vehicle-specific modifications. guarantees the best performance. Offering a turnkey solution with the necessary powertrains, actuators and control systems in addition to the propulsion system, the experienced team has delivered more than 600 units to its customers in countries such as Slovakia, Spain, India and Ukraine, as well as Turkey.

Podded Ducted Propeller

Podded Propeller

Linear Waterjet

Mixed Flow Waterjet


USV Waterjet System

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