NAVİST Engineering is a company that was established in 2018 to develop  mechanical/electromechanical, thermal and hydraulic subsystems, products and test setups by utilizing simulation-based engineering methods. Our company, which carries out all processes from original concept design to detailed engineering, production and field application in the Automotive and Energy sectors, especially in the Defense, Aviation and Maritime sectors, serves as a single  source solution provider for the projects of its customers.

NAVIST provides services with a team of experts in the following areas.

• Mechanical Design

• Industrial design

• Hydraulic/ Thermal/ Electromechanical System Design and Simulation

• Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

• Structural Analysis

• Optimization

• Machining

Among the products and systems that NAVIST works intensively

• Unmanned Amphibious Vehicles

• Propulsion systems for amphibious vehicles

• Thermal Management Systems (For electric vehicles)

• Battery Packs, Cold Plates

• Temperature Control Units

• Gas and Liquid Pipelines

NAVIST has applied for the NATO Facility Security Certificate, the process continues. NAVİST is also the Turkey distributor of CREO CAD and Windchill PLM software.

Pervane ve Rotorlar (Air Propellors and Rotors)

Akışkanlar Dinamiği Teknikleri (Fluid Dynamics Techniques)

Mekanik/Hidrolik/ Pnömatik Teknolojileri ve Cihazları (Mechanical/Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Technologies & Devices)

Termal ve Termodinamik Teknolojiler ve Cihazlar (Thermal & Thermodynamic Technologies & Devices)

Propulsion Systems For Amphibious Vehicles

Battery Thermal Management Systems

Heating Cooling Units and Climatization Systems

Mechanical/Electromechanical Product and System Design

Computational Fluid Dyanmics (CFD) Simulations

Structural Analyses

Test Systems Design for Aerospace Engines

Electric Vehicle Thermal Management Technologies

Battery - Energy Storage System Technologies

Engineering Simulation Services

Digital Twin Development

Pipeline Design


PLM Software - PTC Windchill

CAD Software - PTC Creo

Engineering Simulation Software - ANSYS, Amesim, Flomaster, Caeses, Gridpro, Twinmesh

Renewable Energy Technologies

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