Kuzgun Savunma Havacılık Müh San Tic Ltd Şti

Kuzgun Tech was established in 2015 to provide products and services to the defense and aerospace sectors.

Our company has significant knowledge in continuum mechanics, solution of explosion and high-speed deformation problems and target ballistics applications. We offer new products and services to our defense and aviation industry with our knowledge and experience in the fields of ammunition subsystems, energetic materials and target ballistics.  

In addition to our VERSUS (Vulnerability / Lethality Analysis Software) and FAST (Fragmentation Analysis Software) software products, 

  • Break Key for air-to-ground penetrating munitions,
  • Inertial Impact Wrench used in fuzes from general purpose bombs to artillery ammunition,
  • Pyrotechnic Gas Tank for use in needs such as wing opening and fuel tank pressurization in guided munitions,
  • Explosive-free Pin Puller and Pin Ejector for use in wing locking systems in guided munitions,
  • Micro data logger capable of operating in high G shock

Our products are offered to the use of our defense and aviation industry.

Our company provides engineering services to our defense industry in areas such as warhead and fuze development, ammunition effectiveness analysis, survivability for platforms and resistance to war damage.  

Elektriksel ve Elektrokimyasal Algılayıcılar (Electrical & Electrochemical Sensors)

Yük ve Silah/Mühimmat Ayırma/Boşaltma Sistemleri (Stores and Weapons Release/Discharge Systems)

Crash Detectors

High Pressure Drive Systems

Non-Explosive Actuators

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