We are an advanced engineering company, dedicated to research, design, development of high frequency electronic systems and extending their lifecycle.

We design, develop and produce hardware and embedded software for commercial, government and military systems and applications. We also provide repair and maintenance services in line with Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) for Defense, Security, Safety and Transportation.

RF Algılayıcılar/Aktif (RF Sensors/Active)

RF Algılayıcılar/Pasif (RF Sensors/ Passive)

Elektronik Bileşen Teknolojileri (Electronic Component Technologies)

RF Güç Yükselteçleri ve Cihazları (RF Power Amplifiers & Devices)

RF/Mikrodalga Bileşen Teknolojileri (RF/Microwave Components Technologies)

RF/Mikrodalga Cihaz Teknolojileri (RF/Microwave Device Technologies)

Passive Modules

Signal Generators

Signal Processing

Customized Designs

Passive Microwawe

RF Component


Bandpass Cavity Filters

L-Band 3 Band Filter

Ceramic Resonator Filters

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