Positioned in Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises and became a public in 2022, Kimpur is the polyurethane system house with the largest capacity in the region with a capacity of 129.000 tons in Turkey and 25.000 tones of subsidiary firm in Europe. With the new Düzce investment Kimpur aims to increase its capacity to 200,000 tons. It leads the industry by exporting to more than 45 countries. The polyurethane systems Kimpur manufactures are used in footwear, automotive, furniture and insulation / construction sectors.

The Company’s quality and service understanding is based on continuous improvement, investment on human resources, resilience and strong communication with stakeholders. In line with these goals, it has adopted as a principle to take care of environment and human health. Kimpur has always attached great importance to the R&D. Kimpur shares the latest information about polyurethane techniques, application trends and technology with its customers and offers extraordinary solutions to its customers using unprecedented product and system designs. Since May 2017, the "R&D Center" has been continuing its activities.

Teknik Tekstil (Technical Textile)

Giyilebilir Teçhizatlar (Wearables)

Polimer ve Polimer Matris Ablatif Kompozit Teknolojileri (Polymer and Polymer Matrix Ablative Composite Technologies)

Polimerler ve Polimer Matris Kompozit Teknolojileri (Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composite Technologies)

Polyurethane Systems for Construction and Insulation Industries (System with high fire resistance for Production of Sandwich Panel (PIR), Systems for Geothermal Pipe Insulation etc.)

Polyurethane Systems for Automotive Industry (The Systems for Production of Automotive, Train and Airplane Seat, Nanotechnology Sound Insulation Systems etc.)

Polyurethane Systems for Furniture Industry (The Systems for Production of Office Seat, Armrest etc.)

Polyurethane Systems for Shoe Industry (The Systems for Production of Slipper, Sole, Safety Shoe and Military Boots etc.)

Polyurethane Systems for Mattress and Pillow Industry (The Systems for Production of Memory Foam)

Special Elastomeric Systems with High Strength

Special Polyurea and Coating Systems that Require Lightness and High Strength

High Technology Polyurethane Systems for Ballistic Applications

Composite Materials


PET Synthesis Recycle

Polyester Poliol

Granular Raw Materials


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