Tulgar Advanced Composite Technologies Industry and Trade Inc. which has composite part design, prototyping, mass production and assembly capabilities for the needs of the Defense, Aviation, Maritime and Automotive sectors and carries out its activities with the aim of "compositing and localizing in every field".

Tulgar Advanced Composite, which was established in İzmir in 2021 with 100% Turkish capital also continues its R&D activities in order to produce high value added projects with its experienced team in land, air and naval platforms and expert in composites.

Besides wet laying, vacuum infusion, non-autoclave prepreg and composite part/mold production capabilities, our company has also CNC and laser cutting capabilities.

Tulgar Advanced Composite manufactures composite materials in accordance with the production standards of defense, aviation and maritime platforms in its manufacturing factory established on an area of 1,000 square meters in İzmir Kemalpaşa. The quality standards are abided by personnel training in process control, control of environmental conditions, product and raw material follow-up in composite manufacturing processes, which is one of the special processes.

Tulgar Advanced Composite is a composite company founded by young and dynamic engineers who are experts in their fields, and is an agile company that closely follows the developments in the world and quickly integrates with them. It plans to grow with the principle of continuous improvement and development in line with the needs and along with the developments in the sectors it serves.

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