TÜMOSAN Motor ve Traktör Sanayi A.Ş. is a company established with the purpose of producing motor drive organs and similar equipment and then concentrated its activities on diesel motor and tractor production. Today TÜMOSAN has become a 100% national and local brand having ability to develop and produce new generation diesel motors, transmissions, power trains, electronic systems and land vehicles  with various purposes for many critical sectors especially the Defence Sector as well as its existing product range. The headquarters of the firm is in Istanbul and has the capacity to manufacture 75.000 diesel motors and 45.000 tractors annually in its factory established on an area of 1,6 million square meters in total located in Konya; 93.000 square meters of which is enclosed. In this regard,  the company ranks at the top among the biggest product facilities of Turkey.

Diferansiyel Ve Parçaları, Motorlu Taşıt (Differantials And Parts, Motor Vehicle)

Krank Parçaları, Motorlu Araç (Crankshaft Assemblies, Motor Vehicle)

Motorlu Araç Motorları Ve Parçaları (Motor Vehicle Engines And Parts)

Motorlu Araç Şanzımanları, Tahrik Parçaları (Motor Vehicle Transmissions, Drive Assemblies)

Silindir Kapakları, Motorlu Taşıt (Cylinder Heads, Motor Vehicle)

Şanzıman, Motorlu Araç (Transmissions, Motor Vehicle)

Şanzıman Muhafazaları Veya Parçaları, Motorlu Araç (Transmission Housings or Parts, Motor Vehicle)





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