Elsis Elektronik Sistemler Sanayi A.Ş.

ELSIS A.S. It was established in 1971 to respond to the country with the electronic production that it will design and develop and to develop its developments. Its structure consists of research and development, production, marketing and after-sales services in accordance with the marketing purpose. The electronics industry was active in the fields of voice-over, security, wired communication and power electronics; over time, it has concentrated on Power Electronics and has developed its expertise in this field. Designs Automatic Voltage Regulators, uninterruptible Power Supplies and protective devices, designs uninterruptible Power Supplies and protective devices. In 1998, the domestic industry will be able to move forward in the way of future development. Besides domestic goods, ELSİS A.Ş. It also provides important services to international giants such as AIRBUS DS, THALES, BAE-Bofors with its 15 years of training experience in "International Military Standards" worldwide, with its R&D, Design and production power. ELS A.Ş, equipped with small sizes, high capacities, harmony and up-to-date technology, is one of the leading companies in the small parts product that lasts for many years. The aim of ELSİS A.Ş. is to provide services related to 30 technical and hardware products, with its R&D capability, main and auxiliary products, its share of support and leaders, among all 20 hardware engineers, both in power and in the international market. is to protect.


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