March 28, 2019 Date of Kocaeli Defense Industry and Trade Co., was established as an umbrella company with 61 subsidiaries in 43 companies consisting of Izmit center. Partners such as found in a corporate structure, such as Kocaeli Chamber of Industry; It has a wide range of capabilities.

Machining, metal forming, white goods, automotive industry, aviation, farming and food industry, construction, shipbuilding, hospitals, lighting, cable manufacturing, metal casting, software, information technology, engineering services, investment / intellectual and industrial property rights Consultants, forest products, an organization’s strategic, financial, marketing, production, business processes, projects and so on. management services and counseling in trademark and franchise issues, special-purpose machine development, automation systems, metal processing, metal injection, metal bending, industrial / defense / electric vehicles / manufacture of frameless motors, aluminum bars, rods, wire and profiles, tubes, manufacture of pipes and fittings (including alloy), industrial and electrical applications in industrial processes not subject,


Metal forming

Cable manufacturing

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