Mensan Savunma Havacılık Teknoloji İnş. San ve Tic. A.Ş

Our aim is to contribute to the Defense Industry of our country either directly with indigenous – national – original products we have developed or as a solution partner of leading organizations.

To be a company that can design and produce technology-based original and high-quality systems in all interested areas, especially in the defense industry, and to become a brand at first on a national level and later on an international scale.

To develop and produce R&D-based systems focused on the aim and requirement of Turkey’s national and indigenous products in the field of defense first, and to become a solution partner with leading defense industry companies.


Conmen M2 Multipurpose Console
Portable Console
Cabmen Multipurpose Cabinet
Intelligent Power Distribution Unit  IPDU
Timen NTP Clock
Video Recorder&Matrix Unit
Ground Impedance Measurment Device
EMI EMC Filter
Infantary Shooting Trainig Systems
Tank Shooting Training Systems

Cihaz Entegrasyonu ve Güvenilirliği (Device Integration/Reliability)

Cihaz Kavramları ve İmalatı (Device Concepts and Fabrication)

Cihaz Paketleme (Device Packaging)

Cihazlar ve Elektromekanik Yapılar (Devices and electromechanical Structures)

Sistem Mühendisliği ve Entegre Sistem Tasarımı (Systems Engineering and Integrated Systems Design)

Bilgi Yönetim ve Dağıtımını Destekleyen Alt Yapılar (Infrastructure to Support Information Management & Dissemination)

Conmen M2 Multi-Purpose Console

Folding Console

Cabmen Multi-Purpose Cabinet

Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

Time NTP Clock

Video Recording Matrixing Device

Grounding Measuring Device

EMI EMC Filter

Infantry Shooting Training Systems

Tank Shooting Training Systems

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