SEDEF SHIPYARD was stablished by STFA Holding at Gebze Diliskelesi in 1972. In 1990, all shipbuilding activities moved to Tuzla Site and handed over by TURKON Holding, which belongs to the Kalkavan family and one of the oldest families of Turkish shipping. Sedef Shipyard completed more than two hundred successful projects since its establishment.

Sedef Shipyard is one of the biggest private shipyard in Turkey based on a site with a total area of  270.000 square meters, In order to have the best quality products with just in time deliveries and with the aim of maximum customer satisfaction, the shipyard is comprising of two individual construction sites. Sedef Shipyard continues its production at 270.000 square meters area including 51.000 square meters closed workshops at Tuzla Main Yard and Orhanli Factory. Sedef has a steel processing capacity of 300 tonnes a day and can cope with three Capesize and three Panamax-size vessels at the same time. Sedef has one of the largest dry dock in Turkey and it has 1.050 tons lifting capacity of over it also 500 tons over the pier. Sedef Shipyard is the leading company in shipbuilding industry but not only with the sucessfull projects also with the approach to human, enviroment and sea healt. With these great goals Sedef Shipyard gives great care to human healt and safety, quality control and also having the most advance enviromental friendly closed paint halls in its organization.


Sedef Shipyard has become one of the most modern shipyards in Europe with an investment of two hundred and fifty million dollars and together with two thousand employees. Sedef Shipyard gives servis to its customers in different business areas like; military and commercial new shipbuilding, special steel constructions and industrial projects.

Multipurpose Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD)

Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM)

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