Tulpar Labs is a technology developing company formed in 2019 and design & produce electronics and electromechanics products.

1 - Different size parachutes 30cm-15 meter in diameter. For drones, UAVs, ammutions etc.

2 - Automatic Drone Recovery Parachute Systems comply with ASTM F3322-18

3 - Useful load systems for drones like winch systems, ammunition release mechanism ( pyro or mechanical ), fire fighting systems etc.

4 - UAS Systems, Quad Type, Vtol type or plane type.

5 - Vertical take of capability planes with rocket propellant.

6- Electrical fire systems and other assembled sub systems

7- Electronic boards design and production.

8 -Test Equpments

9- Chemical compounds. Pryrotechnic compounds and sytesis of some cromates and perchlorates.

Bağlantı, Kablo ve Kablaj Teknolojileri (Connectors, Cable and Cabling Technologies)

Elektrik Bataryaları ve Kapasitörleri (Electrical Batteries and Capacitors)

İtki Yakıtları (Propellants)

Teknik Tekstil (Technical Textile)

Drone Parachutes

Drone Delivery

Fire Fighting Solutions

Lifesaving Drone T8-L

Sound Broadcasting System with Drone

Professional Cargo Drone Solutions

Drone Delivery

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