TAIS is established by the owners of the top 5 leading shipyards of Turkey with the objective to offer expert and innovative solutions in navy ship building for demanding customers all over the world.

Located in the heart of Turkey’s shipbuilding industry in Tuzla and Yalova, TAIS partners have acquired a leading position by using the best know-how and state of art technologies and aspire to be among the world leaders in all segments that demand the advanced navy solutions.

The group has completed a series of projects for Turkish Ministry of Defence for Turkish Navy which has achieved a contemporary, powerful and modern force structure.

Besides shipbuilding TAIS offers a total solution of customer support and after-sales services through the start-up and deployment phases to life-time extension.

Arama Kurtarma (SAR) Platformları (Search and Rescue (SAR) Platforms)

İnsansız Kara, Deniz ve Hava Araçları (Unmanned Land / Sea / Air Vehicles)

Su Üstü Harp Platformları (Naval Combat Sea Surface Platforms)

Su Üstü Lojistik ve Destek Platformları (Logistic and Support Sea Surface Platforms)

Aerodinamik Tasarım (Aerodynamic Designs)

Akustik Tasarımı (Acoustic Designs)

Balistik Tasarım (Ballistic Designs)

Çevresel Koruma Tasarımı (Environmental Protection Designs)

Düşük Görünürlük Tasarımları (Stealth Designs)

Elektrik/Elektronik Tasarım (Electrical/Electronic Designs)

Hidrodinamik Tasarım (Hydrodynamic Designs)

Mekanik Tasarım (Mechanical Designs)

Yapısal Tasarım (Structural Designs)

Bora Class Ships

Force Projection

Amphibious Ships

Patrol Vessels

Fast Combatants

Special Vessels

Replenishment Ships

Floating Dock

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