With three years of experience from Teknofest experiences, our company was established in Erciyes Technopark in 2021 with KOSGEB R&D and Innovation support.
We want to achieve the success of our country in unmanned aerial vehicles in the production of unmanned sea vehicles and to have a say in this issue around the world. Our team consists of young and dynamic engineers. Our team also develops solutions in the field of robotics, especially in the production of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and Unmanned Mission and Patrol Boat. In our company, different fields such as Machinery, Electrical Electronics, Communication and Computer engineering work together. Apart from the services we provide in the field of robotics, we also offer solutions such as model production and precision machine parts production with our CNC machine with positioning and repeatability accuracy of 0.02 mm / 100 mm. In addition, we offer rapid prototyping and reliable manufacturing solutions to our customers with Industrial 3D printer.

Unmanned Mission and Patrol Boat

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

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