Our company was established in Erciyes Teknopark in 2021. This step marked the beginning of our goal to contribute to our country's technological progress and achievements in the field of unmanned systems. Thanks to the infrastructure we have established in our factory in Gölcük, Kocaeli, we continue to produce critical unmanned naval systems. With its advanced technology equipment and laboratories, our factory offers a significant advantage in ensuring reliability and quality in the production process. In this way, we continuously strive to offer our customers the highest level of performance and reliability.

Our mission is to achieve the same success in the field of naval vehicles as we have achieved in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, and to make a global impact. In line with this goal, our team of young and dynamic engineers are constantly generating new ideas to develop robotic solutions, especially in areas such as Unmanned Underwater Vehicles and Unmanned Naval Vehicles. The engineering team of our company is composed of engineers from various disciplines. Mechanical Engineers, Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Communication Engineers and Computer Engineers come together to create a strong synergy. This diversity is the most important reason why the solutions we offer are innovative and effective.

In addition to our services in robotics, we also offer solutions in areas such as model production and the production of precision machine parts with our production infrastructure. This enables us to offer our customers customized and reliable solutions for their industrial needs. Furthermore, thanks to our Industrial 3D printers, we offer our customers rapid prototyping and reliable manufacturing solutions. This technology helps our customers to develop and launch their products quickly.

Our company provides services not only in the field of unmanned vehicles, but also in a wide range of technologies. We are constantly working and pushing the boundaries of technology to provide innovative solutions to our customers.

Su Üstü Harp Platformları (Naval Combat Sea Surface Platforms)

Unmanned Mission and Patrol Boat

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

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