Our company has intellectual and industrial property rights; It focuses on the design and manufacture of 20-40 mm guns and barrels, which are in high demand both at home and abroad in asymmetrical combat conditions as well as conventional. In less than a year, the production of two 20 mm gas rebound drum balls was completed, and over 1000 shots were made with these weapons within the scope of performance / function shots. Currently adjustable rate with land, air and collects remote-controlled weapons systems can be adapted to the offshore platforms; It constitutes a functional and scalable ready-made product infrastructure and knowledge that can leap in the production of larger diameter 25, 30, 35 and 40 mm balls. In the defense of the country, the most important defense equipment after heavy weapons are medium-caliber weapon systems. These weapons, which we have prepared for mass production, have been produced either domestically or partially domestically with a license purchased abroad. Until the initiative of our company in this field, it is an area where we depend on technology abroad. Barrel technologies are also subject to restrictions within the scope of these licenses, and supplies of 20 and 25 mm barrels and guns / guns are currently being imported from abroad due to the lack of material and sometimes capacity. medium caliber cannons for our company, electrolysis Grooving (EA) process for the first time with the original barrel and the national manufacturing process in Turkey has become active. When the medium caliber ball barrels are produced with the traditional chip removal method, there are tensions especially in the groove-set bottoms due to machining times, high cost, low barrel surface sensitivity, short barrel life. With the EYA method; By using all kinds of steel materials up to 60 HRC hardness, barrel manufacturing can be made cheaper, with higher surface quality, long barrel life and fast. Our company aims to take forward its original studies in the fields of flexible bullet way, layered barrel chrome plating, recoil damping systems, electrical installation mechanisms, double ammunition feeding and swimsuit free feeding under the guidance of SAHA Istanbul.

Platforma Entegre Silah Sistemleri (Gun Systems - Platform Mounted)


Medıum Calıber Cannons

Nato M2 Unıversal Receıver

Weapon Mount System

Gun Pod

Ammunıtıon Flex Chute

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