DEKTA ENGINEERING has been operating in the field of Steel Construction and Tent-Membrane systems since 2004 and providing service to its customers along its “Project-Production-Installation” integrated system. With its broad knowledge and experience in engineering, our company has adopted providing Timely-Correct Solutions and establishing High Quality and Safe systems as its principles. From fixed components to disassembled systems in steel construction structures, our company has accomplished many successful international and national projects and aimed for continuous progress and growth. With its corporate identity, DEKTA Engineering is run by ISO 9001 Quality Management System Auditor Certified seniors who attach importance to customer satisfaction at all times. Thus, there is no need for certifying the system. Having begun its business life with engineering services in a small atelier, DEKTA rapidly moved to production owing to the standard and non-standard demands of its various customers. Along with its engineering knowledge and experience, the company has primarily provided construction systems to meet its customers’ requirements with minimum costs, which do not physically deteriorate the corporate identity and which are safe. Our products are firstly evaluated and projected by our mechanical engineers and technician groups in our project department, then processed in our machinery and prepared for installation. The service and guarantee services regarding the mounted products are undertaken by our company for a period of 2 years after they pass into the ownership of the customer. In addition, the necessary replacement and maintenance-repair services are provided to our customers whose guarantee period has expired. Within the 8 years experimented by time, and with its company structure open to dynamism and progress, DEKTA has started the construction of its factory having 10.000 sqm outdoor and 5.000 sqm indoor space in Tekirdağ – Hayrabolu Organized Industry Site, and is aiming to start the production in a short time, which it has included in its 2012 plan and program.

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