BTB Arge ve Mühendislik Çözümleri LTD. ŞTİ.

Originally established under the corporate name of BTB Proje Yönetimi ve Mühendislik Ltd. Şti in 2013, our company acquired a new identity in 2020 with the name of BTB Arge ve Mühendislik Çözümleri Ltd. Şti where we utilize our project and quality management principles to provide Product Development and Production services for units and systems as required in the Defense Industry.

BTB Ar-Ge takes strength from a young, dynamic and professional team as well as the internalized quality management principles. It utilizes its campus in TEKNOPARK Ankara, a technology development center, to perform R&D and production activities. BTB Ar-Ge establishes long-term partnerships with the leading companies to come up with business solutions as required in the provision of its services. This corporate culture increases the service quality and ensures cost-effective solutions.

Bilgisayar Entegre Sistem Tasarımı (Computer Integrated Systems Design)

Akustik Güç Yükselteçleri ve Cihazları (Acoustic Power Amplifiers & Devices)

Cihaz Kavramları ve İmalatı (Device Concepts and Fabrication)

Cihazlar ve Elektromekanik Yapılar (Devices and electromechanical Structures)

Diğer Elektriksel Güç Kaynakları ve Cihazları (Other Electrical Power Sources & Devices)

Elektronik Bileşen Teknolojileri (Electronic Component Technologies)

Ara Katman Sistemleri (Middleware Systems)

Sistem Mühendisliği ve Entegre Sistem Tasarımı (Systems Engineering and Integrated Systems Design)

Optik Bileşenler ve Cihazlar (Optical Components & Devices)

Komuta ve Bilgi Sistemleri (KBS) Entegrasyonu (Command & Information Systems Integration)

Proje Yönetimi ve Takibi (Project Management and Control)

Genişletilmiş İşletmede Tasarım (Design in the Extended Enterprise)

Gereksinim Tanımlama (Requirements Capture)

Konsept ve Ürün Tanımlanması (Define Concept and Product)

Tedarik ve Sözleşme Süreçleri (Procurement and Contracting Processes)

Elektrik/Elektronik Tasarım (Electrical/Electronic Designs)

Mekatronik Tasarım (Mechatronic Designs)

Motorlar Ve Motor Parçaları, Güdümlü Füze (Engines and Engine Parts, Guided Missile)

System and Unit Design

Electronic Design

Mechanical Design

Cable / Cable Harness Design

Project Management

Supplier and Subcontractor Management

Configuration Management

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Production and Production Planning

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