Mostaş Teknoloji Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş.

MOSTAŞ offers innovative solutions to globalizing autonomous system technologies with its innovative perspective. With its comprehensive product and technology network, it offers services to meet the autonomous system requirements of sectors such as defense industry, agriculture, logistics and communications.

İnsansız Kara, Deniz ve Hava Araçları (Unmanned Land / Sea / Air Vehicles)

Havacılık Ve/Veya Havacılık Mühendisliği (Aviation and/or Aeronautical Engineering)

Araştırma ve Teknoloji Yönetimi (Research & Technology Management)

Uçak Gövde ve Kanat Takımları ve Parçaları (Aircraft Body and Wing Assemblies and Parts)

Uçak Pervaneleri ve İlgili Ekipman (Aircraft Propellers and Associated Equipment)

Agricultural Drones

Artificial Intelligence Software and Systems

Unmanned Air Vehicles

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