IVEO Elektronics Inc.

  • IVEO Electronics is a privately owned company located in Ankara, with the aim of being a global technology company that designs and produces innovative, integrated products and systems in the field of electronics and electromechanics.
  • It operates in its state-of-the-art facilities in Ankara University Technopark Campus, which was completed in January 2021, and offers difference-making solutions with its young and dynamic work force, mostly consisting of Design and Test Engineers, with national and international collaborations.
  • We are proud to achieve lasting success with our management philosophy that focuses on establishing strong and long-term business relationships, based on employee and customer satisfaction, commitment to providing cutting edge products and services by adhering strictly to our core values.
  • Main areas of activity:
    RF/Microwave Card Design
    RF/Microwave Component Design
    Turnkey RF Unit Design
    Beamformer Boards for Phased Array Systems 
    Mainboard (Backplane) Design
    Electro Mechanical Assembly (EMM)
    Wiring Harness (Phase Match, RF, Analog) 
    Testing and Documentation 
    Waveguide Assembly and Tests 
    Phased Array Antenna Assembly and Tests 
    Unit/Module Electrical and RF Tests 
    System Integration 
  • Products:
  • Radar Altimeter
  • ADS-B Ground Station
  • Power Dividers

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast

Radar Altimeter

Power Divider

RF/Microwave Card Design

ADS-B Ground Station

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