KASAŞ RUBBER INDUSTRY CORP., has been continuing its work with a customer and solution-oriented approach since the first day of its establishment. In time, KASAŞ CORP. has earned its irreplaceable place in the market by closely following the market, as well as concentrating on the innovations in the market, the new products and technologies.

Together with our employees, we aim to provide customer satisfaction, to progress rapidly, to offer products and services at universal quality standards, to be a symbol of reliability, continuity, and respectability for our country, our suppliers, and our customers, and we work hard to accomplish our goals.

Our company continues to provide competitive advantage and innovation to the companies that it is a supplier of, without compromising its quality principles. While doing so, we also closely follow the developments in the world regarding the products that are our subject.

Polyurethane Coating rollers

Polyurethane Productions

O-Ring and Wick O-Rings

Sealing Elements

Anti-Vibration Wedges

Cable Passage Tires

Dust Bellows

Diaphragms and Types of Membranes

Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Impel Tires

Coupling Tires

Coupling and Coupling Rubber Types

Silicone Profile Types

Tire Profile Types

Rubber Sheets

Sponge Sheets

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