The Shipyard was founded in the 1980s and after joining under the flag of SNR Holding in 2003 it has been renamed as Istanbul Shipyard. Together with SNR Shipyard and ABS Metal being a branch of Istanbul Shipyard, the total shipyard area has reached to 51,000 m2 having an enclosed area of 14,400 m2. The Shipyard has a capacity 25,500 tons metal processing per year, 6 slipways for the new building projects and capable of providing repair and maintenance services up to 14 vessels simultaneously, having 2 floating docks, 3 piers and an extensive wharf area. Istanbul Shipyard is an outstanding and pioneering shipyard of the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry with its corporate identity, modernized infrastructure and international projects reflecting the latest technology

Rescue And Towıng Shıp

Submarıne Rescue Mother Shıp

Fast Patrol Craft

Hydrographic And Oceanographic Research Vessel

Offshore Vessels

Oıl/Chemıcal Tankers

Staınless Steel Tankers

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