Intecro Robotik, Otomasyon, Ar-Ge, Mühendislik, Makine San. Tic. A.Ş.

Intecro Robotics

Intecro Robotik A.Ş. was established in 2010, in Akyurt/Ankara TURKEY. Intecro develops, manufactures and integrates robotic projects for factory automation and puts innovative manufacturing technologies  into service for various industry sectors such like defense, aviation, machinery, metal processing, wagon  & rail systems, automotive, construction machinery & equipments, energy, white appliances,  general industry and other metal processing industries and offers innovative industrial robot based solutions to process and machinery  automation.

Intecro established it’s R&D center in 2017. Since then, it has been carrying out various commercial and R&D projects related to industrial robotics.

In accordance with the European standards, Intecro’s engineering and management methods, products and systems also have a CE certification in accordance with European Norms, an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certificate and 14001 Environmental Management Systems Certificate approved by TURKAK as well.

In 2018, according to the international competition organized by the research company called I-NOVO, Intecro Robotics  was nominated for the top 3 companies with its robotic system product in the "Technology Selection" category among 15 thousand industrial companies and 500 thousands products belonging to these companies.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Intecro carried out the ‘Invitro Robotic Laborant’ project incited by TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey), which is a PCR based molecular diagnostic process entagrated with robotics.

In 2022, as a result of another R&D project incited by TÜBİTAK, MetalWorm WAAM System has been specifically designed and developed for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing process.

Business Sectors That We Serve

  • Automotive and automotive subsidiary industry,
  • Aviation,
  • Defense,
  • Machinery,
  • Agricultural machinery,
  • Wagon and rail systems,
  • Commercial vehicles,
  • Construction machinery and parts,
  • Construction machines,
  • Steel construction,
  • Energy,
  • On- vehicle equipment,
  • White appliances,
  • Pressure vessels
  • General industries and
  • Other metal processing industries

And we focus on industrial robot based solutions that other metal processing industries need in their manufacturing processes. We make industrial robot systems with the domestic technologies we have developed preferable for other sectors apart from the automotive and automotive supplier industries known to be widely used. We provide robotic production functionality and fast return on investment to provide this motivation to our customers producing in other industries.

Our Products And Technologies

Robotic Process Technologies

  • Robotic MIG/MAG Welding
  • Robotic TIG Welding
  • Robotic Laser/Laser Hybrid Welding
  • Robotic Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) Welding
  • Robotic Spot/Laser Spot Welding
  • Robotic 3D Laser Cutting
  • Robotic 3D Plasma Cutting
  • Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manifacturing (WAAM)
  • Robotic Pre-Heating
  • Robotic Laser Coating
  • Robotic Assembly Systems
  • Robotic Composite Filament Winding

Robotic Software Technologies

  • DISIS-Digital Transformation Platform Based On Mobile-Access Technology
  • Online Programming
  • Process Control and Monitoring Software
  • Physically Touch Sense
  • Arc Sense
  • Laser Seam Finding and Tracking
  • Arc Voltage Contr
  • Reflexweld
  • Wint-Touch
  • Auto-Rtherm
  • Kinetic Robot Learning
  • AWC QC

Robotic Hardware Technologies

  • 6 Axis Robots
  • Gantry Robots
  • Robot Positioners
  • Robot Slider
  • Robotic C Column
  • Robotic Sensor and Smart Hardwares
  • Robotic Peripherals

Digital Transformation Technologies:

  • AR Assisted Error Detection
  • AR Assisted Troubleshooting
  • AR Assisted Remote Support
  • IoT Based Control and Monitoring
  • Big Data Management
  • Simulation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • ROS Bases Technologies
  • Additive Manufacturing Technologies
  • Industrial Cyber Security
  • Work and Process Integration

Fixture and Equipment Technologies

  • Welding Fixtures
  • Cutting Fixtures
  • Control Fixtures
  • Smart/Poke Yoke Fixtures
  • Big Workpiece Fixtures
  • Robot-Robot Fixtures
  • Manual Fixtures
  • Special Equipments

EOAT (End of Arm Tooling) Technologies:

  • Specialized EOATs in Assembly Applications
  • Specialized EOATs in Process Applications
  • Automatic EOATs Changers

Our Certificates and Awards

  • ASO R&D COMPANY OF THE YEAR AWARD : Our company was deemed worthy of the “R&D Company of the Year” award at the award ceremony held by the Ankara Chamber of Industry.
  • MINISTRY OF SCIENCE INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT AWARD: INTECRO; design, engineering activities and was awarded the award TECHNO PRODUCTS entering between the 20 companies between products category by Republic of Turkey Science, Industry and Technology Ministry managed.
  • TECHNOLOGICAL PRODUCT EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE: Gantry robots and other robotic products that we produce our “Advanced Technologies” has been registered in that category by Republic of Turkey Science, Industry and Technology Ministry.
  • DOMESTIC GOODS CERTIFICATE: Gantry robot and other robots that production of our domestically produced more than 71% is certified by of the Republic of Turkey Science, Industry and Technology Ministry.
  • TUBITAK CERTIFICATE OF HIGH ACHIEVEMENT: We were honored by Tubitak Sage with our “Tubitak Certificate of High Achievement” before our successful projects for the Defense Industry.
  • EXPORT DOCUMENTS: We have all the necessary documents for export.
  • OTOKAR CERTIFICATE OF HIGH ACHIEVEMENT: In addition to the project we carried out at OTOKAR, the “High Achievement” Reference Letter was presented by the management of OTOKAR.
  • ISO 9001.2015: TURKAK Approved ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certificate.
  • ISO 14001:2015 : TURKAK Approved ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Certificate.
  • CE DOCUMENT: In accordance with the European standards, our engineering and management methods in our products and systems also have CE certification in accordance with European Norms.

Bilgisayar Yazılım Sistemleri Analiz ve Tasarım (Computer Software Systems Analysis and Design)

Yazılım Mühendisliği (Software Engineering)

Eklemeli İmalat Ekipmanlar, Yazılımlar (Additive Manufacturing Equipment, Software)

Endüstriyel Nesnelerin İnterneti Platformu (Industrial Internet of Things (ioT) Platforms)

M2X Yazılım ve Donanımları (M2X Software and Hardware)

Modelleme ve Simülasyon Çözümleri (Modelling and Simulation Solutions)

Robot, Otomasyon, Ekipman, Yazılım ve Yönetim Sistemleri (Robot, Automation, Equipment Software and Management Systems)

Servis Bulut Platformu, Güvenlik ve Mahremiyet (Service Cloud Platform, Security and Privacy)

Bilgi Tabanlı Mühendislik (Knowledge-based Engineering)

İleri İmalat Teknolojileri (Advanced Manufacturing Technologies)

İleri Prototipleme (Advanced Prototyping)

İmalat Süreci Simülasyonu (Manufacturing Process Simulation)

Proje Yönetimi ve Takibi (Project Management and Control)

Üretim İmalatı için Teknikler ve Sistemler (Techniques and Systems for Production Manufacturing)

5 Eksenli CNC Makine (5 Axis CNC Machine)

Robotic Process Technologies

Robotic Software Technologies

Robotic Hardware Technologies

Digital Transformation Technologies

Fixture and Equipment Technologies

EOAT (End of Arm Tooling) Technologies

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