Ankara Kompozit

Our company, which serves our region and the country in general, aims to expand to the whole world and to understand the needs and expectations in the composite industry in the best way and to produce at world standards.

Our company attaches importance to providing service in accordance with the slogan of "Domestic and National", the most important of its main principles.

Raw materials, Know-How, molds, manufacturers are among our domestic production items in line with the "Domestic and National" mission.

Our company, which supports the development of my country and its opening to the world, produces universal products with high market value.

Our company, which contributes to both national and international production, is advancing day by day by adding value to the production stages with the latest technology.

Our company, which is based on "Domestic and National" principles, works day and night to be the best in the world and will reach the place it deserves in a very short tim

Uçak Pervaneleri ve İlgili Ekipman (Aircraft Propellers and Associated Equipment)

Composite Production (SMC/BMC)

Only our member companies can benefit.

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