MST Alkan Otomotiv Karoser San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

As Alkan Group, we have been offering state-of-the-art mobile solutions to many leading companies, international organizations and government institutions not only in Turkey but also globally since 1959. As a result of the R&D investments it has made on mobile solutions since 2000, our group has strengthened its place in the special purpose mobile superstructure sector by adding mobile hospital sets to its product portfolio such as mobile stages, kitchens and dormitories, which it has produced domestically and abroad. In 2019, it broke new ground in the world by adding self-lifting 40-foot self-lifting containers to its product range.

Alkan Group is one of Turkey's leading superstructure manufacturers, having exported nearly 50,000 superstructures and mobile solutions to more than 50 countries, which it has produced in its modern facilities. It offers high-tech mobile solutions such as mobile field hospital solutions, mobile military solutions, mobile defense logistics solutions, mobile field disaster systems to the world's leading companies, international aid organizations and public institutions.

Alkan Group is the most preferred superstructure company, especially by public institutions and disaster organizations in Turkey, with its experience in the field of mobile solutions, its engineering infrastructure and its O-1, O-2, O-3, O4 TYPE APPROVAL certificates valid in the world.

With its new investments, Alkan Group aims to become one of the top 3 manufacturers in Europe and one of the top 10 manufacturers in the world within 5 years.

Arama Kurtarma (SAR) Platformları (Search and Rescue (SAR) Platforms)

Komuta Kontrol Sistemleri (Command & Control)

Yer İstasyonları (Ground Stations)

Ground Stations

Mobile Command Center

Mobile Crisis Center

Mobile Coordination Center

Mobile Dormitory

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