Diversity and Quality of Our Group Companies Providing Defense, Aviation, Construction, Investment, Textile, Cleaning and Facility Management Services Our group companies were established in 2000 and operate in a wide range of services such as defense, aviation, construction, investment, textile, cleaning and facility management services. . Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of service in their sectors, to successfully complete their projects and to meet the needs of our business partners.

Our group companies, specialized in each sector, consist of experienced teams with sectoral knowledge. In this way, we can offer customized and solution-oriented approaches to our customers. We aim to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering various services such as project management, consultancy, production, maintenance, cleaning and facility management in accordance with the demands of the sectors. In the defense sector, we offer specially designed products and systems for military and security organizations. Our experienced engineers and expert teams are constantly working to meet our customers' defense needs by developing innovative solutions.

We provide services in the aviation industry with our companies specialized in aircraft maintenance, repair and equipment. In accordance with aviation standards, we provide quality services and high standards of equipment to maximize the safety and performance of aircraft. We specialize in the planning, management and implementation of large-scale projects in the construction industry. Technical knowledge, innovation and cooperation are our basic principles in construction projects. We attach great importance to quality, safety and environmental sustainability to exceed our customers' expectations.

In the field of investment, we diversify our portfolio by making strategic investments in different sectors. We evaluate investment opportunities that meet our long-term growth goals and support the successful development of businesses. In the textile industry, we offer customized products for military and personnel textiles and equipment. By using quality materials and modern production techniques, we provide our customers with durable, comfortable and functional products.

Our companies specializing in cleaning and facility management services offer effective solutions to meet the cleaning needs of businesses, maximize hygiene standards and provide healthy working environments. As our group companies, we constantly improve ourselves to provide the best service to our customers and to be in a leading position in our sectors. With our commitment to high quality standards and customer satisfaction, we carry out successful projects and gain the trust of our business partners.

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