Since 2001, SILOPRO are working to provide the highest Quality service in grain storage sector. In the sector, as a result of our pursuing work experience and our not compensation on our fair trade sensibility, our company became one of Turkey’s biggest exporter, distributer and wholesaler company. All materials used in production of steel silos and their equipments are ISO 9001 certified and meets with all Quality Management Systems’ requirements.

SILOPRO became specialized on producing silo and its equipments with its highest technology facilities. Having necessary infrastructure, technology and enough manpower, was effective on its becoming a challenging position in the sector. Within a short time period, producing and assembling of different tonnage and size of steel grain storage silosbucket elevators, concrete bases, tower platforms and other transporting groups and perfect installing in time is the basis of our current success in Turkey and Worldwide

In our highest technology facilities, we present reliable, high quality grain storage equipments controlled with an accurate analysis, a modern method, with unbiased comment principle supported by international standards at every stage of production by using modern machines because we believe quality is a life principle.

SILOPRO; proves its privilege on projection with its specialized research and development department and quality safety department. At every stage of production by using modern machines for the precise manufacturing, engineering staff is performing post-production quality control, quality safety department analyses customer requirements and offer them the optimum solutions. Its experienced engineers working on research and development department by using the most updated computer drawings and techniques,they are preparing developing and Project designs, drafts, plans, drawings and production specifications.

In order to completely fulfill customer needs and to provide them with quality products, SILOPRO has begun its quality journey. SILOPRO has recognized the necessary factors other than advanced technology. Some of these essential elements are; investment in the work force and quality The objective all along this journey has been to accommodate the contemporary needs of the companies and predict future requirements.

SILOPRO’s main principle is to move its high success graphics day by day further. Therefore, We will continue to offer our customers the best in production and service by our seriousness.

Düşük Alaşımlı Çelik (Low Alloy Steel)

Paslanmaz Çelik (Stainless Steel)

Yüksek Alaşımlı Çelik (High Alloy Steel)

Mekanik Tasarım (Mechanical Designs)

Kasalar, Füzeler Ve Füze Bileşenleri: Depolama (Casing, Missiles and Missile Components: Storage)

Roketler, Uzay Ve Askeri, Tam (Rockets, Space and Millitary, Complete)

Modular Hangars

Ammunition Depots

Military Bunkers

Underground Shelters

Underground Ammunition Storages

Military Vehicle and Equipment Warehouses

Field Use (Field Hospitals, Field Schools, etc.)

Living Containers

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