Ar Tanıtım Pazarlama Sanayi ve ticaret LTD. ŞTİ.

Ar Tanıtım started outdoor advertising with a small workshop in 1996.( Istanbul ) It delivered the orders on time didn’t compromise on quality and made customer happy by did business at a loss during necessary circumstance. Ar Tanıtım grew up with the satisfaction and trust of customers, increased its customer portfolio day by day and started to work with national and international companies all around the world. It produces industrial projects and advertising in its factory with a closed area of 7000 m2 in TUZLA. Ar Tanıtım responses to needs of its customers with 4 inkjet digital printing machines, automatic liquid lamination machine with 5 meters coil, solid lamination machine and sizing machine in area of 650 m2 in Organized Industrial Zone in İkitelli. Ar Tanıtım gives service all around the Turkey for any kind of advertising work outdoor and indoor. It also gives service for industrial projects and creative design display products , composite Works ,steel constuctions and any kind of architectural projects.

Alüminyum ve Alaşımları (Aluminum and Its Alloys)

Düşük Alaşımlı Çelik (Low Alloy Steel)

Paslanmaz Çelik (Stainless Steel)

Gas Stations

Facade Board

Roof Board

Hoarding Poles

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