We are ISO 9001:2015 certified from DAkkS, under the latest international quality management system. 

At ORSAV , we have our Facility Security Clearance Certificate (FSCC) and Manufacturing Permit Certificate, which allows us to build certain parts for the military and other industries.

Orsav manufacturing military - Includes parts and accessories built to specification, including all kinds of uppers, lowers, handguards and more since the year 2000.

The Defense Industry is our main focus so we are well versed in  manufacturing under pressure and to tight tolerances.  

We have a three factories equipped with 150+ CNC machines. The facilities include 30+ engineers and more than 250 operators, for now however we are currently growing and further expanding due to increased demand from both the government and private sector.



Tüfekler Veya Tüfek Parçaları, 30 Mm. Ve Aşağıda (Rifles or Rifle Parts, 30 mm. and Below)

Talaşlı İmalat

Tüfek Parçaları

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