Founded to provide cooperation and coordination of the defence industry, civil aviation, and space sectors at the international level.

Setting off from the Northern Marmara Region, which covers 54 per cent of Turkey's industrial production, SAHA Istanbul, in its 6th year, works to develop systems, technologies and reduce foreign dependency in the defence industry with its 620 members producing in 17 universities and 51 different sectors. The new generation cluster, which has signed university, public, and sector collaborations and has a place in the global organs of the sector, aims to bring Turkey to the point it deserves in the defence industry.

SAHA Istanbul, which creates the ground for business developments by bringing together the platform and subcontractor companies, is taking firm steps towards Europe's largest defence industry cluster by joining the European Clusters Union. Having played an active role in the nationalization of the defence industry by successfully implementing the public, industry, and university ecosystem, SAHA Istanbul has become the second-largest cluster of the European Aviation and Space Clusters Association (EACP). The cluster was awarded the Bronze label as the first step as a result of its application to the European Cluster Analysis Secretariat (ESCA) in 2021.

Since the first year of our clustering, we have been encouraging our members to national production in the defence industry, civil aviation, and space sectors. We work with main contractors and universities and guide them to benefit from support mechanisms. Thus, we support them to gain an advantage in international competition.