SAHA Istanbul is a cluster established to develop national capabilities in the Defense Industry. Our basic approach is;
1. Evaluation of existing capabilities in the defence industry,
2. Consolidating existing talents and mediating the development of more complex systems, the role of orchestra conductor in this regard,
3. It means making efforts that will lead to the acquisition of skills that are not needed but are needed.

The main contribution of our cluster to its members and the National Defense Industry is to its stakeholders; information, informing about the projects, clustering around the projects, providing a working environment with the main contractors, ensuring the synchronized work of the universities and the industry, concentrating government support on projects, bringing the production skills that are not available in the country but must be provided to the country, and giving collective support to the search for foreign markets. to operate to fulfil many functions, to ensure cooperation and solidarity among its members, to work together in system and subsystem projects and to share information.

The difference of SAHA Istanbul from standard clusters is that it is organized according to the needs of concrete projects and organized on the basis of such a setup. In this respect, it is fundamentally different from many other clusters, including foreign clusters. In other words, it adopts a unique model that includes different processes such as the way it does business, the subjects it is interested in, its results-oriented works, a project management centre on certain subjects, a project production centre, etc.

SAHA Istanbul (Defense, Aviation and Space Cluster Association), where companies operating in the defence, aerospace and aerospace industries come together for the 'National Technology Move', is one of the leading institutions contributing to Turkey's nationalization move in the high technology and defence industry. Moreover, it is dedicated to contributing to the National Technology Move with its members.