Levent Kerim UÇA

Kerim UÇA

He was born in 1968 at Gallipoli/Canakkale. Following his primary and secondary education in Istanbul, he completed the Naval High School in 1986 and the Naval Academy in 1990 and graduated as an Electronics Engineer.

During his professional life, he successfully completed his education at the Naval War College and the Armed Forces College and received a Master Diploma in “Business Administration” from Kocaeli University.

Following his graduation, he served as a Branch Officer, Department Head, Executive Officer, Commanding Officer (CO) and Commodore (Tactical Commander) on Destroyers, Frigates and Missile Boats of the Turkish Naval Forces for 30 years. During the same period, he served in various headquarters in the country.

He took part in the "Sharp Guard" operation carried out by NATO against the Former Yugoslavia in 1994 - 1995 and in the operation carried out in the region during the "Kardak Crisis" in 1996.

He served as the Armed Forces Attaché in Pakistan between 2009 and 2011. During his term, he contributed to the studies and projects carried out to develop the defense industry cooperation between the two countries. He coordinated the delivery and distribution of aid sent from Türkiye to the areas of need during the great flood disaster that occurred in Pakistan in 2011.

Between 2016 and 2020, he served as the Southern Task Group Commander (Aksaz/Marmaris), Fleet Command Chief of Staff (Gölcük/Kocaeli) and Çanakkale Strait Commander with the rank of Rear Admiral (LH). He retired from the Turkish Armed Forces in 2020.

He has served as the Deputy Secretary General at SAHA Istanbul since 2021 and was appointed as the new Secretary General of the SAHA Istanbul Defense, Aerospace and Space Cluster on February 6, 2023.