Dr. Ebubekir KOÇ

Ebubekir KOÇ

(R) Major General Dr. Şenol Alparslan was born in 1961 in Ankara.

He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Ankara. After graduating from the Military Academy in 1982, he completed his armored unit training at the Armored Units School (Ankara-Etimesgut) in 1983 and graduated as a Tanker Lieutenant. Pursuant to Article 43/b of the Law No. 2547 amended by the Law No. 2880, the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Universities was accepted as equivalent to the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Universities.

After graduating from from the Military Academy and Armored Units School, he served as a unit commander and headquarters officer in the Turkish KKK between 1983-1990.

1990-1992, he completed his education at the Turkish Staff Academy with a degree and became a Staff Officer. During this period, he carried out exercises and assignments abroad as well as domestically and completed the Public Diplomacy Course. During this duty, he completed the Multinational Staff Officer Orientation Course and Psychological Operations Course at the NATO School (Oberammergau-Germany). During the same period, he participated in military exercises in Hungary, Kyrgyzstan and Iraq.

He graduated from the Armed Forces Academy (İstanbul) in the 1998-1999 academic year. In 2000, he gratuated from NATO Defense College (Italy-Rome) as a Staff Lieutenant Colonel. During his education, he made presentations on national issues in the international environment. In the NATO Defense College with his thesis defense on "Russia's NATO Membership", which they prepared as a committee. Following his graduation, he served as the Control Headquarters Manager in the Corner Stone-2001 exercise held in Albania and Bulgaria, and as the Civil-Soldier Cooperation (CIMIC) Branch Manager in the NATO Peace Support Operations Exercises in Baku-Azerbaijan. Between

2002-2004, he completed his Permanent Mission Abroad as a Staff Colonel as Military Attaché in Zagreb and as National Representative (Regional Arms Control Verification and Implementation Assistance Center) at RACVIAC, which is part of the OSCE. During this period, he worked in the fields of "International Disarmament and Disarmament".

In the same period, he received Pedagogical Education for his doctoral studies at the University of Zagreb. He completed his doctoral education, which he started in 1999, by completing the courses he took from Konya Selcuk University and Hacettepe University, with his doctoral thesis on "Traces of Turkish Culture in Bosnia" in 2004.

After being promoted to Brigadier General in 2006, he was appointed Commander of the 65th Mechanized Infantry Brigade. He served as Brigade Commander in 2006-2010. He participated as a National Representative in an International exercise held in Belgrade. He was promoted to Major General in 2010 and served in internal security as the Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, including 2012. Between 2012 and 2016, he served as the Deputy Secretary General at the General Secretariat of the National Security Council. In the same period, he visited some foreign National Security Councils abroad. It hosted representatives of security councils from other countries.

He made strategic and operative studies and presentations at the highest level for 4 years, including the National Security Policy Document-2015. He specializes in National Security and National Security Policy.

In the period of 2016-2017, he was appointed to the 5th Corps Command. During this period, he made an official visit to the Corps Command in the Greek Army. He retired from the 5th Corps Command in 2017.

During his domestic and international missions, he received more than 150 commendations and awards. He has 18 ribbons and badges. He served in various command positions and internal security zones for 8 years in the Internal Security Operation. He worked at the specialization level in the TAF and the Secretariat General of the National Security Council, especially on operations, intelligence, international relations, military culture and internal security, and National Security and National Security Politics.

While he was working as a Demonstration and Practice Battalion Commader in the Armored Units School within the TAF;

  • “Fire System on Moving Targets/Wavy Terrain” developed in coordination with Ankara OSTİM and still used in the troops as a tank training simulator,
  • “Mobile Tank Shooting Training Platform” also developed together with Ankara OSTİM (it is the first and most advanced example in the world used in tanking training.),
  • Initiated and developed the “Tank-Mounted Machine Gun Safety Firing Arrangement” systems and started training practices that are both economical and time-saving.

After his retirement, Şenol Alparslan served as a Board Member of PANORA GYO for 3 years and is still the Chairman of the Board of KENTİNCEK. He started to work as Deputy General Manager at MERİH ASANSÖR in 2020. He has been working in MERİH ASANSÖR AŞ. as MERİH Defense Industry and Trade Inc. General Manager.

Dr. Şenol Alparslan has five books[1], two of which have been published and all of the revenues have been transferred to the “Mehmetçik Foundation”. He speaks English and has opened 3 mixed oil painting exhibitions. Calligraphy, caricature, handicrafts are hobbies. He is married to Civil Engineer Meryem Alparslan, father of two children and grandfather of two grandchildren.