Yaytek continues its spring manufacturing, which it started in Konya in 1978, as a company that has adopted quality, sustainability and traceability as a principle, following the technological developments in its sector with a new vision and understanding as of 2010.

With its 45 years of experience, Yaytek has increased its experience, expertise and quality in each spring it produces. Additionally, our company has maximized its operational competence with MES-ERP systems.

Our production line produces Cold Wound compression springs, tension springs, winding springs, wire form springs and square wire springs with wire diameters from 0.20 mm to 13.00 mm.

As a result of the R&D and innovation studies that started as of 2020, Yaytek will have reached the Hot Wrap Spring Manufacturing capability from 16.00 mm to 50.00 mm by commissioning the Hot Wrap Spring Manufacturing track by the end of 2023.

Yaytek transforms metal into art, in a total area of 10,000 m2, of which 5,000 m2 is closed, with its trained technical staff and machinery that has proven its quality in the world, and offers tailor-made, special solutions to each customer's demands.

Yapısal Malzemeler - Şekillendirme (Structural Materials - Forming)

Compression Springs

Tensile Springs

Wire Form Springs

Winding Springs

Square Wire Springs

Hot Wound Springs

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