Airplane Seating Armrest

Die-casted armrests for the planes of Turkish Airlines.

(Aluminum Die-Casted)

Structural Maintenance Chair

Portable and levelable maintenance chair for aircraft maintenances.

Air Distributor

Mobile air distributor which is capable of feeding pressured dry-air/oil-air to seperated channels

(8+2) in order to be used for pneumatic hand-tools.


Aircraft Craddles

Craddles are used to support aircraft bodies, wings etc.

from below while inspections and operations are being made.

Traditional or Double-Staged Jack Systems

Double-staged jack systems are useful for locating and mounting

craddles to appropriate positions.

Maintenance Transrover

Transrovers are capable to carry, move and rotate the parts and outer shells

of jet engines used at planes, for inspections and maintenances.

Fuel Cart

Carts are used for containing excess fuel at field and transporting

fuel to places in need.

Portable Aircraft Maintenance Desk

Mobile maintenance desk that acts as a large portable tool bag used for the storage and

transportation of consumables used in the maintenance department.

Storage Hardcase

Protection/storage of sensitive electronical devices, precise calibrated mesurement tools, precise

eccentric shafts and some critical aircraft parts (e.g., landing gears).

Waste/Used Oil Cart

Provides a solution for oil changes and is useful

to collect/transport used oil at field.

Composite Materials Working Table

Adjustable maintenance desk which is designed to be used at inspections

and operations for composite materials

Provided services

-Assembly & TIG, MAG and SMA(Arc) Weldings

-5 Axis Precision Machining

-Precison Bending

-Electrical Discharge Machining (Wire&Sinker)

-Gear Manufacturing

-Aluminum Die Casting

Machinery Manufacturing



Steel construction

Welding Fabrication

Hydraulic Pneumatic Automation


Labor Equipment

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