Varer Makine San Tic Ltd Şti

It started its operations as a small lathe leveling workshop in Rize Ardeşen in 1962.
Since 1976, it has continued to produce construction machinery spare parts, headquartered in Kartal, Istanbul.
As of 2006, it has been focusing only on the defense industry and aviation and producing systems such as gun and rifle parts, MPT carrying arm assembly, tripod for grenade launchers and anti-aircraft guns, elevation hand wheel, ammunition basket and console with the leading companies of the sector.
In 2023, Varer Defense and Aviation Inc. will be established in Merzifon Organized Industrial Zone. has made a new investment and continues to produce defense industry accessory systems here.
Varer will continue to invest in new technologies with its ever-expanding expert staff and take part in projects with the leading companies of the sector, contributing more and more to the national defense and aviation industry day by day.

Silahlar, Havuzlar, Harçlar Ve İlgili Ekipmanlar (Guns, Howitzers, Mortars and Related Equipment)

Tripod, Ascension Handwheel, Ammunition Baskets, Console, MPT Carrying Handle, Weapons, rifles, heavy weapon parts and systems.

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