ÜNTEL KABLO has been established in 1972 to manufacture especially rubber cables and has experience on Rubber, PVC, Polyurethan, Halogen-free and similar elastomer compound technologies. Over fifteen thousand different types of cables carries energy to industries which needs experience like shipbuilding, factories, infrastructures, airport ground lighting, railway signalling, oil and gas drilling platforms, mines and port cranes.  ÜNTEL KABLO which has 30.000 tonnes of cable processing capacity per year, now maintains her operations on 43.000m2 land with 32.000 m2 close spaced area new high-tech plant at Dilovası / Kocaeli and exports over half of her production on 6 continents around 70 countries. With it’s nearly 250 employee’s and having the philosophy of being a solution partner for her customers Üntel Kablo accomplishes customer needs with maximum quality in optimum time.


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