Üçler Galvano is a company providing service in the electro-steel coating sector for more than 45 years. It has been specialised in the matters of gold, silver, nickel, tin and chopper coating to allow the metals to have the physical features such as high-conductivity, corrosion resistance, frictional strength, solderability, thermal conductivity, hardness and brightness etc. The company provides service for many different sectors such as the defence industry, electric-electronic sectors, automotive firms and sub-industries etc. The company established a fully equipped laboratory by putting the structuring it has acquired via the ISO 9001 certificate that it obtained in 2003 into action. The certification services are also presented to its customers regarding production actualized via the chemical analyses, coating
thickness measurements, adhesion tests. The company is located in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone/İstanbul and tries to keep the environment awareness at maximum.

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