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OUR HISTORY Establishment — Ateş Makina Era Ateş Makina was founded in 1980. Our company has successfully manufactured complicated machines, spare parts besides designing many projects for tools required by many industrial corporations such as Türk Pirelli Lastikleri A.Ş. and SUBOR Boru San. Ve Tic. A.Ş, whose work fields vary such as Rubber and Plastic, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Steel Pipe manufacturing. Growth — TurkREDTM Era In 2005 starting to focus on serial production, our company began its search for a new field of work. That’s when TurkREDTM started to take on Double-Enveloping (Globoidal) Worm Gear with the aim of supplying the demand for the aforementioned technology in its base of operation, Turkey. In an atmosphere where finding technical documentation on such technology is almost near impossible worldwide, TurkREDTM successfully came to produce Double-Enveloping Worm Gears and started to happily supply nationally as much as internationally. Conjoining its production with R&D, TurkREDTM solely focused on perfecting its production technology and capacity. Corporatization Since 2011, TurkRED began to expand its product line and rebrand itself, that’s when it changed its name of the brand from Ateş Makina to TurkREDTM. Our company focuses on being a trusted name worldwide by working tirelessly and always improving its production and technology with cutting-edge methods of production and engineering. OUR DIFFERENCE The Most Advanced Worm Gear Technology Ever Known Globoidal Gearing Technology is the most advanced among the three of the most advanced gearing technologies known in the world, the two others being harmonic and cycloid. Unlike the other two, input and output shafts of a globoidal gearset stands at a perfect 90° angle. This makes Globoidal gearsets your only solution for high technology applications that require a 90° working angle. The other two gearing technologies are often used particularly in robotic applications. Thanks to TurkREDTM’s serial production capacity, we offer Globoidal Gearsets almost as closely cost- effective as its peers. Most Perfect Contact Surfaces Ever Discovered One of the best sources to get a better understanding of gearing technology is the article RP-1406 issued by NASA. With this publication, it is possible to get a better understanding of all known gear technologies in the world. Also, AGMA 96FTM12 standard mentions all known contact surfaces known for Globoidal Gears referring to many world-renowned scholars. Thanks to decades of experimentation, TurkREDTM has come up with new designs and manufacturing methods for helix angles, pressure angles, number of teeth in gear, tooth width, worm pitch and tooth radius, gear and worm root diameters, tooth width and backlash. All these parameters are used by our company to lay down standards for our manufacturing process with the aim of reaching absolute perfection. Cevat Ateş Method With years of experience in field, original designs, improved tooling technologies and original machines— Globoidal Wormgear Hobbing Machine, Wormgear Lapping Bench, Globoidal Wormgear Meshing Analysis and Backlash Measuring Machines, along with academic studies done by Ali Caner Ateş, a new method was developed that works with even higher performance than discussed in AGMA 96FTM12. Ali Caner Ateş named this design after his late father, Cevat Ateş. This method adopts full contact design discussed in AGMA 96FTM12 and takes it to a next and improved level. Such force of improvement in engineering (theoretical) as well as manufacturing (practical) is derived from our experience of 40 years in the field. All rights of this design are reserved by our company as know-how. “REAL” Zero Backlash, Globoidal gearsets have a completely unique way of operating when it comes to tooth profile. It is very difficult to tear the oil film due to the superficial contact between its teeth. Therefore, it is the only gear technology that provides REAL ZERO BACKLASH in the world. TurkREDTM offers a wide variety of precision driver solutions. We also offer special projects designing solutions for applications that require even higher precision. PRODUCTS GearSETSTM 

GearSETS for users who manufacture their own gearbox bodies

Gearbox series in minimum quantities depending on size and user need
Size — From 1′′ to 16′′ | From 25mm to 400mm Ratio — From 5:1 to 100:1 MiniDRIVETM Gearboxes for high precision and minimal size applications

Designed exclusively for mini humanoid robotic applications and defense industry. Unmatched in its field. Size — 25mm Ratio — 25:1 | 30:1 | 40:1 SensDRIVETM Gearboxes for high precision and automation applications Designed for automation and servo-based applications, with full aluminum or steel body options to choose from Size — 1.5" | 2.0" | 2.5" | 3.0" | 3.5" Ratio — 5:1 | 10:1 | 15:1 | 20:1 | 25:1 | 30:1 | 40:1 | 50:1 | 60:1 CS SeriesTM Standard size gearboxes with high torque carrying capacity Cost-effective series designed for reduction applications of general-purpose machines Size — 4.0" | 5.0" | 6.0" | 7.0" | 8.0" Ratio — 5:1 | 10:1 | 15:1 | 20:1 | 25:1 | 30:1 | 40:1 | 50:1 | 60:1 | 70:1 LargeDRIVETM Large size, high torque carrying gearboxes Heavy-duty reducers for heavy-duty applications, enduring extreme weights with high quality bearings and sphero cast body Size — 10.0" | 12.0" | 14.0" | 16.0" Ratio — 5:1 | 10:1 | 15:1 | 20:1 | 25:1 | 30:1 | 40:1 | 50:1 | 60:1 | 70:1 Special Solutions Tailormade gearsets and gearboxes for your special applications For those in need of getting what they need in TurkREDTM quality the right way. TurkREDTM engineering team will do the work for you to get optimum performance depending on your specific operation

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