Since 2000 when we started our journey as TORUN, we have established ourselves as one of the leading engineering companies of casted, hot forged & machined items in brass, aluminum, magnesium and stainless steel and we are working passionately to provide the best quality and service for our partners all around the world. To be a leader in the industry and to provide the best service possible, we always think of our customers’ convenience. Therefore, TORUN companies are located in strategically selected areas, working in co-operation, and able to offer their customers a one-stop-shop for all the subcontracting services they need. From an in-house cutting tool shop and forging die shop to assembly and coating, TORUN offers an all-around service under one roof. Our mission as TORUN Group is to create value for our customers, employees, suppliers, community, environment and investors. We believe in universal values and ethics without prioritizing any language, religion and nation, and we place human in the core of our organization. In line with our commitment to UN Global Compact, we regard human and nature in every step we take.

The vision of TORUN Group is to provide its customers, who prioritize partnerships and share the same values as TORUN, with industrial products using different raw materials and production processes, and offering optimum cost, quality and speed, service in global locations, the integration skills that customers need. Considering customer demands, we are investing in raw materials and processes that are promising, scalable, involving high technology and know-how, to produce solutions under the same roof for different needs of our customers. With facilities spanning Europe, totaling over 50,000 m2 for production and  warehousing in different locations in Europe, TORUN is capable to develop innovative and cost-cutting production and logistics for its customers.

As Torun Group, we generate value together with our stakeholders, on the basis of our values. Believing that we are a big family together with our stakeholders, we succeed together with them. After all, it is not surprising that we are among Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises and in Top 250 among Turkey’s Top 1,000 Exporters. Torun is not just a metal shaping company, but a unity developing with its each and every part that composes success when together.




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