In 2007, it realized the first and only automobile catalysts recovery, R&D, and production in Turkey and recovered Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium precious metals to the global economy.

In 2015, it contributed to the global economy by recovering precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium, Copper, Aluminum, Iron, Chrome, Tin, Lead, among the first and only scrap electronic cards in Turkey.
While doing these works, it has successfully taken all measures by attaching the highest importance to the Environment and Nature.

From 2017 until today, it continues its studies at full speed to produce the import products in Turkey. The completed R&D and projects that are ready to be put into production are as follows.

  • Rubber recovery from car tires, steel recovery by cooling method
  • Copper sulfate production, wire rod production with 99.99% purity grade coppers with 72% discount recovered from Electronic Scrap Cards,
  • Recycling of metals such as lead, zinc, and manganese from Batteries and Accumulators, being the indispensable energies of life, and most importantly, providing support both to the environment and the economy by disposing the batteries in a controlled manner.
  • Recovery of metals such as Selenium, Tellurium, Gallium, Ruthenium, Tantalum continues at the stage of R&D study.
  • Production of Grinding fluids with Rhodium obtained from catalysts
  • Production of chemical products with barium mine
  • Production of imported chemical products with recovered palladium
  • Making bulletproof plastic with the product we produce
  • Precision alloy metal production (Aircraft Materials, Satellite, and aerospace industry)

Gold - Au

Silver - Ag

Copper - Cu

Tin - Mr.

Lead - Pb

Platinum - Pt

Palladium - Pd

Rhodium - Rh

Aluminum - Ai

Brass Casting

Bronze Casting

Aluminum Casting

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