FİNAL SAVUNMA BOYA METAL KAPLAMA A.Ş applies wet paint, powder paint, Zinc-Nickel Coating, Alodine Coating, Zinc Phosphate Coating, Anodizing Coating, Manganese Phosphate Coating, Zinc Phosphate Coating, Passivation and Electrolytic Zinc Coating. The wet paint line is built on a 4000 m2 conveyor system and the powder paint line on a 1000 m2 conveyor system. The coating system is built on a 2000 m line.

 All tests of production processes are carried out in the Quality Control Laboratory, keeping the processes under control and as a result, high quality products and services are provided. It closely follows the developing technology and established the laboratory where all measurements and analyzes can be made with advanced laboratory devices (XRAY, HULL-CELL, Salt Test, Automated Titrimetry, Thickness Measurement devices etc.). Processing is carried out in accordance with the coating and paint standards applied in the Defense and Aviation Industry. With the planned investments, our goal is to reach production at maximum capacity with minimum error rate.

FINAL DEFENSE PAINT COATING AS prioritizes reliable, quality service understanding with sales-marketing and project teams, and provides after-sales service support by identifying with the project team on site. In order to become a brand and leader in the domestic and foreign markets, it closely follows production technologies with its experienced personnel in the Defense Industry and Aviation industry, and manages all processes with the most advanced application techniques. It carries out product-process development studies together with the project team by providing the necessary trainings.

 AS 9100 Rev D has quality management system documents. FINAL DEFENSE BAYA KAPLAMA A.Ş. Aviation plans to serve the Space and Defense Industry sector. In addition, it aims to have the Quality Management System and Nadcap Certifications of the defense and aviation industry, and the International Aviation and Defense Industry Contractors Accreditation Program and to apply the Quality Standards accepted in the world.

 FİNAL SAVUNMA BOYA KAPLAMA A.Ş carries on the principle of “Respect for Nature” for a clean environment and realizes savings by realizing its internal energy efficiency initiative.


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