In 1994, with a capacity of 210 tons / month 800 tons in Istanbul Merter’de 3000 m2 area began to manufacture aluminum profiles. The company continued to manufacture until 1998, then moved to its place in Istanbul Hadimkoy. In 2003, a new fully automatic press line with a capacity of 390 tons / month and 1500 tons was put into operation. A new press with a capacity of 580 tons / month and 2100 tons was put into operation in 2005 in order to meet the constantly increasing demands. Continuing to grow uninterruptedly, our company entered the growth and export sales in 2006 and added 1100 tons of press with a capacity of 320 tons / month. In 2010, with the installation of our fifth press of 280 tons / month 900 tons, our annual extrusion capacity reached 21.000 tons. Our facility, which has been modernized according to the conditions of the day in our new place in 60000 m2 closed area established on 350.000 m2, will have an annual production capacity of 35000 ton / year thanks to our 2750 ton press with 1100 tons / month capacity. is an integrated facility which includes wood veneer, anodizing, mechanical processing, composite panel manufacturing and final applications. Our mold shop supports our current production with CNC machining centers, modern benches and qualified personnel. Mold production of customer-specific profiles is carried out here with modern equipment. With its product range up to 10000 varieties, it strengthens its position in the sector with each passing day. In our static powder coating unit, which has an annual capacity of 7200 tons, our customer’s special color demands are met in addition to standard RAL colors. With the new dyeing unit commissioned in Çorlu, 8000 mm length profiles can be processed. In addition to our anodizing plant that was commissioned in 2006, the annual capacity of our new anodizing plant with the latest technology, which is commissioned in Çorlu, will also be 28000 tons / year. Special color and pattern studies can be done in our transfer coating department which was established in 2010 as an alternative surface coating. In 2010, our mechanical processing center was established in 2010, in accordance with the demands of our customers, drilling into the profile surface, countersink drilling, unloading, CNC operations, precision cutting, angle cutting, punching drilling, drill, wick etc operations can be applied. Our company, which devotes most of its production capacity to export, provides the same quality service in the country. For this purpose, as a result of its own possibilities, technology and R & D studies, ALUTECH SYSTEM SERIES branded curtain wall systems, insulated-uninsulated joinery, sliding, skylight, steel-reinforced facade, composite and stone coating sub-carrier systems has been launched. The systems offered to the sector have undergone engineering tests at every stage and have been harmonized with all accessories in European (EN) norms. Our company is based on customer satisfaction as a mission; has adopted the principle of providing privileged services with our profile designs that provide optimum solutions, details that provide ease of installation and material quality and supply speed.

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