Silvan Sanayi A.Ş., founded in Istanbul in 1957, is one of the well-established and experienced casting factories of Turkey. 100% of this production is exported to Western countries, North America, Middle East, Far East and other countries. Silvan Sanayi A.Ş. is specialized in production of alloyed steel castings which are heat and wear resistant. It makes production particularly for cement industry, rolling mills, mining, crusher industries and incinerators. Our qualified and skilled technical personnel utilizes the most modern and updated technology, and they have carried Silvan Sanayi A.Ş. to an important position both in domestic and foreign markets by developing high-standard and quality steel production through its research and development facilities in steel casting technology. PAST TO PRESENT 1956 – Silvan Sanayi A. Ş. has been founded in 1956 as a small foundry with an induction furnace of 750 kg capacity and a work force of 30 employees. Manganese and 3% Cr steel qualities were the only castings in the beginning. Capacity: 50 tons/month. 1965 – Silvan built its factory at Kartal district of Istanbul, and expanded its capacity and product range rapidly. 2 induction furnaces with 750 kg. capacities were installed and new moulding line was introduced. Capacity: 120 tons/month. 1968 – The product range has been expanded to cover all kinds of wear and heat resistant parts for cement industry. Market share reached up to 70% in domestic cement market. 1969 – First export to Germany. Production of steel base rolls started to meet the requirements of Turkish rolling mills. Cast iron rolls production started to meet the requirements of steel rolling mills. Capacity: 190 tons/month. 1972 – Introduction of earthmoving equipment spare parts production which cover mass production business line of Silvan, even today. Investment of 2 x 3 ton Dual Track induction furnaces. Capacity: 250 tons/month. 1975 – Introduction of Spheroidal graphite cast iron qualities for iron and steel mills. Investment of 10 heavy duty lathes for roll production. Capacity: 300 tons/month. 1982 - Renovation of existing facilities. Melting & core making equipment have been modernized. Capacity: 350 tons/month. 1987 – New plant opened for roll production and all machining facilities were moved to this plant. 1990 – Export of steel castings for cement industry and rolls for steel mills has reached to 85 % of the total production for these parts. 1995 – Investment of five CNC machining lathes for Roll Machining and introduction of a new quality control system which generates inspection certificates for each roll produced. 2000 – Investment of 2x7.5, 3000kW and 2x3.5, 1250 kW induction furnaces to enable casting of bigger parts. Increase of export sales both in Middle East and Europe Capacity: 500 tons/month. 2005 – Our second plant set up to integrate the roll production has started to operate with a capacity of 800 tons/month, and with cutting edge roll machining and handling equipment. 2006 – All heat treatment systems have been equipped with PLC controls in both of the facilities. 2007 – Renovation on our old plant for cement parts has started. New mixers and sand reclamation systems introduced to obtain high quality castings. 2008 – Marketing restructing. 2014 – Construction of Dilovası plant started in year 2014. 2017 – Silvan facilities (Cevizli plant and Şekerpınar machining shop) joined in one place with cutting edge technology to be more efficient and cost effective. Construction of our new plant completed. Our Cevizli plant closed on 2017 to relocate in Dilovası Industry Zone (New Plant) and production started in Dilovası plant.

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