Aluminum, established in 2004 in İstanbul, has become one of the leading firms of alloy aluminum sector in Turkey in a short time. The company has been improving its service quality, inventory level, and product range and machine park since the day of its establishment thanks to the experienced staff of engineers working at these sales centers. The fully automated cutting machines of the company allow supplying product with very precise tolerance values. Seykoç Aluminum has the capacity of assuring product supply to its customers at a short notice thanks to its high levels of available inventory and thus assumes a crucial role in the path of making fast, reliable and stable contributions to the Turkish economy. The company keeps a stock of 2000, 5000, 6000, 7000 series alloy aluminum products which have high resistance and machinability features but face supply difficulties in our country. The capacity makes the company one of the leading suppliers of its sector in our country. 

Alüminyum ve Alaşımları (Aluminum and Its Alloys)

Bakır ve Alaşımları (Copper and Its Alloys)

Bronz (Bronz)

Nikel (Nickel)

Pirinç (Brass)

Titanyum ve Alaşımları (Titanium and Its Alloys)

Cast Plate

Alumınıum Plates

Alumınıum Rods

Alumınıum Tubes

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