Our company named "Seker Kardesler" was found in 1976 and has been in the market with the new name "SEKERMAKSAN" since 2003.

Our company with its dynamic and experienced staff has been one of the leader company in Turkey and in the world for a long time.Our primary mission is the customers satisfaction with the production of various quality products and good service.

SEKERMAKSAN aims the customers special requirements with advanced technology JEWELLERY WIRE-PLATE roller machines and various equipments production.We are very proud of with supplying high quality machines and keeping better sell after service in the sector.

Alüminyum ve Alaşımları (Aluminum and Its Alloys)

Bakır ve Alaşımları (Copper and Its Alloys)

Bronz (Bronz)

Düşük Alaşımlı Çelik (Low Alloy Steel)

Gümüş (Silver)

Nikel (Nickel)

Paslanmaz Çelik (Stainless Steel)

Pirinç (Brass)

Talaşlı İmalat (Machining)

Wire Rolling Machines

Strip Lining Rolling Machines

Forming Machines for Wire Jerseys

Threading Machines

Welded Pipe Welding Machines

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