SECANT is an R&D-based engineering and production company that offers advanced technological applications and solutions to the defense, aviation, transportation systems and machinery manufacturing sectors with its experienced technical team and operates in cooperation with academic and industrial resources. It started its activities within Eskişehir Anatolian Technology Research Park in 2013. As of the end of 2020, it moved to its 2000 m2 facilities within Eskişehir KOBI O.S.B, where it carries out its engineering and manufacturing activities. In 2021, it was granted "Design Center" status by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. At the same time, it passed the Presidency of Defense Industries EYDEP inspections in 2021 and received the AS9100 Quality Management System certification in 2022.

SECANT carries out R&D studies and offers innovative solutions in different fields, especially vehicle and transportation systems, military land vehicles, advanced composite materials, aviation structures and welded system/fixture design.

Arama Kurtarma (SAR) Platformları (Search and Rescue (SAR) Platforms)

Denizaltı Platformları (Undersea Platforms)

Tanklar ve Muharip Kara Araçları (Tanks & Armed Vehicles for Land Forces)

Havacılık Ve/Veya Havacılık Mühendisliği (Aviation and/or Aeronautical Engineering)

İleri İmalat Teknolojileri (Advanced Manufacturing Technologies)

Harp Başlıkları (Warheads)

Composite Radome Manufacturing

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