The first glass factory in Mersin and the first glass processing factory in the Tarsus organized industrial zone were established by Salt Cam. Salt Cam M. Salt Glass products were active in Istanbul in the year of 2014, and it started to provide service to our customers in Istanbul and its surroundings with security glass, mirror, glass brick and parquet sales as well as flat, tempered, icy, decorative, lamine. Today, the Salt Group of Companies sees itself as a duty to realize the production and sales of all the materials and products demanded in the sector on glass types. Salt Cam shares with customers all the theoretical knowledge as well as goods and services, contributes to the development of the customers and ensures that the end consumer uses the best quality and the right products.

Alumınıum Spacer Bars

Float Glass

Safety And Securıty Glass

Coated Glass

Paınted Glass

Decoratıon Glass


Edge And Surface Processıng

Automatıc Slıdıng Door

Insulatıng Glass Materıals

Glass Door And Accessorıes

Glass Balcony Systems

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